Welcome to the registration page for the new Scottish Golf Membership Card, providing golfers with added value for being a member of a Scottish Golf affiliated golf club. The new Cards are personalised with your name, home club and Scottish Golf ID number and provide access to a growing range of membership benefits. If you haven’t received your new Card, please contact your club to collect yours now.

Once you register, you’ll be able to look up your current handicap, review your recent scores and check whether there are any ‘away’ scores pending processing by your home club. You will also receive the Golfers e-newsletter, which brings you all the latest special offers, including preferential green fees at courses across Scotland, ticket discounts, partner promotions and exclusive competitions.

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What protection will there be for data held on the central database?

The central database is being hosted, developed and maintained by Golfbox pursuant to a contract with Scottish Golf (GUW for Wales). This contract imposes detailed data security and data protection compliance obligations which are consistent with the obligations imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and guidance from the Information Commissioner.

On a more practical level, the central database is not an open access system. For example, personal information of an individual member cannot be accessed by another individual member. User access is restricted by password protection to ensure this is the case.

Furthermore, personal data held on the centralised database will not be provided to any third party commercial organisations.

What other measures have been taken to facilitate compliance with the Data Protection Act?

The important issue for all parties is to ensure that consent has been obtained from all data subjects and that the use of their personal data is consistent with the scope of that consent.

In order for any user to register and access the CDH, they are required to agree to the CDH user terms and conditions. These terms and conditions contain detailed data protection provisions which can summarised as follows:

(i) Any party who uploads personal data onto the CDH confirms it has obtained the necessary express or implied consent from the relevant data subject.

(ii) Personal data may only be used for specifically authorised purposes.

(iii) Each data subject grants their express consent to the use of their personal data for these authorised purposes.

Your number can be found on the reverse of your Scottish Golf Membership Card or by contacting your home club.

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